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Electric Oil Burner

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To use our oil warmers, simply add a few drops of your favorite scented oil to the oil dish and turn the warmer on. All of our oil burners have a dimmer switch that allows you to control the heat generated to warm the oil. Turn the dimmer switch down low and the halogen bulb heats the oil slowly, giving a light fragrance. Increase the intensity of the light and increase the level of the fragrance. The bulbs are replaceable and can be purchased through us

 Our oil warmers are UL Approved and come with a power cord with dimmer switch built in. The oil warmers are made of high quality glass and come carefully packaged in a  box.

Please note there is no difference between an oil warmer and an oil burner.

  • Great Home Decor Enhancement
  • Add 20 drops of your favorite fragrance oil or tart melts
  • Can function as a night light
  • 35 Watt Halogen bulb included
  • Dimmer switch to control light and fragranc

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