I was ecstatic over how good this fragrance smelled and also at the longevity of it. If you wanna get sniffed by people other than Joe Biden I would highly recommend ordering yourself some of this from fragrance crafters. Great product. Great customer service. Speedy delivery. I wish you guys all the best with your company and thx AMAIZING

I cant get over how awesome this product smells and how very similar it is to the name brand it is imitating!! Usually that is rare to find. I loved the scent and it actually stayed on and was strong for quite awhile. Its an excellent product, I've already recommended it to my friends and family and am sure I will be purchasing it again!.

I was knocked off my feet when I smelled this fragrance.. better than what I thought fabulous.

Natural Fragrances

These exclusive perfumes contain essential ingredients distilled from the highest quality sources in the world.

Difference between Oils and Perfume?

The fragrance from perfume oils last longer because it is more concentrated.

The Fair Alrernative

Inspired by iconic scents. We dare you to smell the difference.


We offer scents inspired by your favorite luxury brand without the compromise of quality.