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I’m amazed on how perfect they match smells. 1:1 you could not tell the difference. NO MORE SPENDING CRAZY MONEY ON COLOGNE! Thank you fragrance crafters 

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I was ecstatic over how good this fragrance smelled and also at the longevity of it. If you wanna get sniffed by people other than Joe Biden I would highly recommend ordering yourself some of this from fragrance crafters. Great product. Great customer service. Speedy delivery. I wish you guys all the best with your company and thx AMAIZING

Jeremy M.

I cant get over how awesome this product smells and how very similar it is to the name brand it is imitating!! Usually that is rare to find. I loved the scent and it actually stayed on and was strong for quite awhile. Its an excellent product, I've already recommended it to my friends and family and am sure I will be purchasing it again!!

Rachel S.

I was knocked off my feet when I smelled this fragrance.. better than what I thought fabulous


I can’t believe how much similar this was to the original by Bond No 9! And I’ve worn it for years. Glad that I gave Fragrance Crafters a try and I whole heartedly endorse them. Not the same as the original but super close and very long lasting alternative eau de toilette options! Highly recommend the spray formulations!


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