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Why use Our fragrances ?

Why use Our fragrances ?

Our Fragrance Vs.  Stores Perfume

 ✓ Affordable Vs Expensive

 ✓Long Lasting (15-24 Hours) VS. Not Long-Lasting (1-3 Hours)

 ✓Cleaner, Richer, True Scent VS. Harsh, Overbearing, Overpowering

 ✓Longer Shelf Life VS. A Shorter Self-Life

✓Less Likely to Cause Allergic Reaction vs. High Probability of Causing Allergic Reactions

We offer premium affordable fragrances.

Longer lasting & just better.

We work hard to design our fragrances to be as strong as possible, phthalate free, and skin safe.

Why Fragrance Crafters ?
No harsh chemicals like the store brands.

Once you try our roll-on perfume oils you will never look back!!!

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