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How To Use Perfumes -

Begin by applying the oil to the backs of your knees, your wrists, the bends of your elbows. Moving upward, apply oil to the decolletage, throat and lastly behind the ear lobes. You may be wondering: Why should I be applying perfume on the back of my knees, and not just my upper pulse points?     The myth of dabbing fragrance only on your upper pulse points is just that—a myth.     Fragrance (activated by heat from your pulse points) rises as it evaporates, so if only applied from the neck up, the scent will quickly rise and disappear.   For...

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Our Fragrances VS Store Fragrances -

 OUR FRAGRANCE VS. STORE PERFUME ✓long lasting (12-24 hours)—not long-lasting (1-3 hours) ✓cleaner, richer,  truer scent—harsh, overbearing, overpowering ✓longer shelf life—a shorter self-life  ✓less likely to cause allergic reaction—high probability of causing allergic reactions  SO WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOUR PERFUME?   All commercially available “fragrances” are actually fragrance oils with fillers. The fillers are the medium through which the pure fragrance oil is applied to your skin.  This is why your go-to scent smells lovely in the morning and non-existent by lunch.    WHY FRAGRANCE OIL  IS BETTER FOR YOU THAN PERFUME replenishes your skin Fragrance oil not only entices...

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Pheromones -

Many scientific studies have demonstrated that women who produce higher than average amounts of female pheromones(also known as copulins) have greater success with men. These are the women that men are unable to resist because they’reexciting, seductive, desirable — and they have that alluring quality that men fall in love with. Oftentimes, these women are notmore beautiful, sexier or more charming than most other women. They just have the edge because they produce more copulins than the average woman. According to Vienna University biologists, Karl Grammer and Astrid Jtte, copulins block a mans ability to judge a woman’s attractiveness by the...

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