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Eau de Parfume vs Perfume extract

 1. Which one smells better: the oil or the spray?

Both the oil and the spray versions are created with the same fragrance formula, at the same high concentration, so in theory, they should smell the same. However, the alcohol in the sprays does make certain ingredients “pop” more or seem sharper, while the coconut oil in our perfume oils softens certain ingredients. Ultimately, it comes down to your your body chemistry, and how each version smells on your skin.


   2. Do they develop differently on the skin?

Yes. The oil develops very quickly on the skin revealing its main notes right away. It has a tendency to dampen the fresh, lighter top notes leading to a scent that is more constant. The alcohol in sprays evaporates different scent notes one at a time, starting with the top notes (usually citrus notes), then the heart notes, and finally the base notes, which linger the longest. We like to compare this to making a delicious meal vs. going to a restaurant and having a delicious meal. When you make a dish at home, you see, smell and experience all the different ingredients that go into making your special dish. Like a spray, you experience each note and essence individually. At a restaurant, you aren’t experiencing each ingredient separately, but as a whole, when it comes to you and you enjoy the blend of flavors with each bite. That consistent taste of your dish is alike to the experience of a perfume oil on your skin, same but delicious. 


   3. Will those around me perceive them differently?

Yes. The perfume oil remains very close to your skin. It is a much more intimate choice, perceptible only by those close to you. This is a great option for those in professions where the perfume needs to be subdued, such as nurses, teachers, and the like. It’s a great way to wear perfume without others necessarily knowing you are wearing perfume. The perfume spray is a much more noticeable choice. It leaves a trail of fragrance behind you—ideal for those who like to smell good, and love others to know it. The spray version puts the fragrance in evidence and will most likely gain you compliments on your new perfume.


   4. Does one last longer than the other?

No, but there is a lot of dissonance on this subject. Some people defend that because the oil version moisturizes the skin it doesn’t fade as fast as the spray version would and therefore lasts longer. However, since the spray’s presence is more voluminous, some claim that the spray lasts longer. Ultimately, it comes down to your skin’s chemistry, and which lasts longer on you. Theoretically, because our perfume oils and sprays are made with the same concentration of perfume extract, they should last the same amount of time. Personally I have tried both the spray and the oil version of my personal favorite, Miami Orange Blossom and on my normal/oily skin, they lasted about the same time (7 hours).


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