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Our Fragrances VS Store Fragrances -

 OUR FRAGRANCE VS. STORE PERFUME ✓long lasting (12-24 hours)—not long-lasting (1-3 hours) ✓cleaner, richer,  truer scent—harsh, overbearing, overpowering ✓longer shelf life—a shorter self-life  ✓less likely to cause allergic reaction—high probability of causing allergic reactions  SO WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOUR PERFUME?   All commercially available “fragrances” are actually fragrance oils with fillers. The fillers are the medium through which the pure fragrance oil is applied to your skin.  This is why your go-to scent smells lovely in the morning and non-existent by lunch.    WHY FRAGRANCE OIL  IS BETTER FOR YOU THAN PERFUME replenishes your skin Fragrance oil not only entices...

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