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Frequently Asked Questions


Are these real ? 

We create  our version inspired by  the brand  name fragrances, created with the  same fragrance notes. We are in no way affiliated with the mentioned brands. 

Why are they so affordable? 

By eliminating packaging, advertising and prestige pricing that designer brands do.

How long will the fragrance bottle last? 

This depends only on your usage habits.

Parfum Oil  10ml  bottle, used one time a day, lasts about 3  to 4 months.

Parfum Oil  30ml  bottle, used one time a day, lasts about 6  to 12 months.

On average a 30ml bottle, used one time a day, lasts about 2 day to 1 months.

On average a 60ml bottle, used one time a day, lasts about 2 to 3 months.

On average a 120ml bottle, used one time a day, lasts about 8 months to a year.


Does your company store customers CREDIT CARD/PAYMENT info?

Answer: NO, we are not a CREDIT CARD Merchant

Where should I spray my Fragrance to help with Longevity?

Answer: Apply fragrance on your pulse points: behind your ears but not on your hair, neck area, between the breasts or chest area, ankles, shoulder area behind knees. Higher part of the arm especially if you wash your hands frequently. Most, perfumers believe you should apply cologne or perfume anywhere you have a pulse. While most of the public believes to apply a lot of sprays to ones clothing and this is only recommended only in Summertime or if you will be sweating as the fragrance will drip-off your skin when you perspire. Best Results will be after a shower as pore are open.


How far away should I apply my perfume/cologne?

Answer: Approximately 12 to 25 centimeters away.

 What will the bottle look like?


Answer: The same as the picture. 


What if I receive damaged product?

Answer: In the event of  Damage Claims or part of your order arrives damaged, please email us immediately so we can notify UPS and file a damage claim. Please keep all packaging materials for five business days after notifying us and a replacement will be sent to you.

What is your Return Policy? 

We do NOT accept returns or exchanges If an item you purchased happens to not be within your style or liking, that's why we do offer sample option. 

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