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Get Pay By Referring Fragance Crafters

Get Pay By Referring Fragance Crafters

Get pay  with Fragance Crafters Perfumery.

When you sign up with Fragance Crafters Perfumery, you will get a unique referral link, which you can find if you visit the referral page. Use it to send it to your friends via email or post it on your social media platforms. Get creative and you can reap the benefits!


The friends who decide to sign up for Fragance Crafters Perfumery will receive  bonus, but for the referral policy to apply the new subscribers have to pay for the first fragrance.


1. Create an account. Keep in mind that you can only receive rewards from the referral program if you have an active account.




2.After logging into Fragance Crafters Perfumery you can access your own referral page that will have its own unique link.



3.This link can be posted on social media and shared with friends and family, so that their first purchase with Fragance Crafters Perfumery will be credited to your account. Everyone who creates an account and subscribes to Fragance Crafters Perfumery using your referral link will get pay in  to you account.  


Please note: both parties must have an account actively in order to be eligible for our referral credits.


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